Hello, Earth! Poems to Our Planet

Kids Earth

Hello, Earth!

It’s your children.

We have been studying you,

but we long to learn more.


We want to ask you

a few questions.

We want to tell you our dreams

and wishes.


Can you hear us,


What would you ask the Earth if you could?

How would you know if the Earth were answering back?


We walk on Earth’s surface every day, but how often do we wonder about the incredible planet around us? From the molten cracks below to the shimmering moon above, Hello, Earth! explores the complex wonders of our natural world. This playful poetic journey across our puzzle-piece continents does not hesitate to ask questions—even of the Earth itself! Extensive back matter fosters further learning about everything from water cycles to plate tectonics to the origin of ocean tides. 

More about this book:

I wrote this book backwards. Usually the text of a book is written first, then the illustrator works from that text. Editor Kathleen Merz of Eerdmans approached me with the illustrations already done. They had been used in a book published abroad, and she asked me to write new poems for them. I was hesitant, uncertain I could do it. But I took one look at Miren’s beautiful folk-style art and fell in love. The spreads called to me. I felt the energetic, curious, diverse children in them wanted to speak.

For months I searched for the right voice and the right story. I had many false starts and many weeks of shuffling illustrations. Finally, I was able to create a narrative that I felt truly honored both the evocative art and the profoundly huge subject of the Earth itself. I feel proud that I met this challenge!

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